New Construction

We are also pleased to offer our services for new construction projects. It is our pleasure to make sure your brand-new building is protected with watertight PVC roofing in Boston or anywhere in the Greater Boston Area

Remodels / Additions

Whether thinking about selling your house or performing a remodeling project, many homeowners tend to remodel at least one of the areas on the list below. Sometimes, you simply need to replace old and worn out shingles with a brand new roof. We can perform tear-off procedures and install a new roof quickly and affordably for your residence or commercial property.


The best way to save money in the long term is schedule regular maintenance visits, and make repairs to your roof as necessary. Stopping up small leaks or replacing damaged shingles can extend the life of your roof for a relatively small cost.

Decks / Patios

Sometimes a new addition is more cost efficient and easier than a complete remodel. Most popular new additions include attics, garages, sunrooms, and family room extensions. Remodeling a home can have amazing benefits for lifestyle, curb appeal, efficiency, and home prices. Always consider hiring a trained professional to help with any planning and remodeling needs.