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7 Qualities that make a Good Neighbor

If you desire to have nice neighbors, you’ll first have to turn out to be one yourself. Master these seven techniques, and even you (yes, you!) can win the approval of your whole neighborhood.

1. Good neighbors share cookies
Whether you’re new in town or haven’t kept in touch, a delivery of freshly baked items is a ideal way to break the ice and let neighbors be aware that you’re thinking of them.

If cookies can keep Santa returning year after year with a bag full of loot, then in reality they can train your neighbors to do your bidding. Consider the following scenario.

“Honey, somebody’s robbing the neighbor’s residence again.”
“Wait, Janet. The ones who brought us cookies yesterday?”
“Exactly. This time I’ll name the cops.”

2. Good neighbors not often gossip
If your neighbor appears to have the low-down dirt on all people inside a two-block radius, you can count on them keeping tabs on your personal life as well.

The next time Nosy Nellie gleefully describes the contents of the Rickenbacker’s trash again, pass the dialog along by means of refocusing the conversation on her. “So, what are you growing in your backyard this year?”

You aren’t in grade-school, so refrain from mingling with neighbors that major in the gratuitous gab fests.

3. Good neighbors share smartphone numbers
For such a linked age, you virtually query why you don’t have your neighbors’ cellphone numbers. After all, what if they get hold of your bundle through mistake? What if the residence floods while you’re on vacation? Worse yet, what if you need a babysitter?

If you feel uncomfortable bringing it up, ask during one of your cookie deliveries (you are following rule wide variety one, right?) or proper earlier than a trip. Jot down your name, range and electronic mail tackle on a piece of paper and ask if your neighbor is cosy sharing theirs.

4. Good neighbors offer to help before they’re asked
The neighbor who asks, “Let me know if can help with anything,” in all likelihood isn’t going to help on every occasion, . You, on the other hand, are a excellent neighbor and certainly choose to help out.

To get ahead of the meaningless small talk, anticipate their needs. If they have children and you’re trusted babysitting, inform them up front. If they’re actually struggling to mow the garden all through a heat wave, ask for the excellent time to give up by with your lawnmower.

5. Good neighbors are tidy
Even if you lack self-respect, admire the sensitive tastes of others and clean up your act.

Keep the ironic garden embellishes to a minimum. Keep trash receptacles hidden in the aspect yard, or higher yet, the garage.

Whenever you’ve finished gardening or landscaping for the day, put away your tools and baggage of unused mulch. Rake the leaves and smooth up grass clippings and all the other stuff your dad used to bug you about.

6. Good neighbors mow the lawn
An unkempt and weedy lawn is embarrassing for your neighbors, so it ought to be embarrassing for you as well. Keeping it mowed each and every week or two is a excellent start, however it will take more than that to win the approval of the locals.

Trim the aspect of your garden regularly, fertilize on time table and hold weeds to a minimum. Keep your basis plantings simple, neatly trimmed and topped off with mulch.

If your regional permits it, go the no-lawn method by using planting swaths of low-maintenance, drought-tolerant ground covers. Crucially, don’t overdo it on the sprinklers — specifically when it’s raining.

7. Good neighbors communicate
That historical “good fences make desirable neighbors” quote had to come up at some point, right? A good neighbor should appreciate boundaries. That said, they additionally be crossed when the fences themselves begin dropping pickets and falling over in a storm.

Even if it’s technically their fence, you would possibly not be glad with the shoddy workmanship and resentment that you’ll have to live with when they get round to fixing it themselves.

Mention common interests, like fences, drainage ditches and difficult bushes ahead of time so that you can work out a graph that each parties can agree to.

Oh, and remember to bring the cookies.

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A Homestead Act for the 21st Century

When the U.S. authorities desired for people to settle the western frontier, they gave them land, no longer a loan. Today, when the authorities seeks to promote domestic ownership, it promotes affordable debt. That creates awful incentives and dangers economic instability. American history teaches us that the authorities subsidize home equity, now not mortgage debt.

The Homestead Act of 1862 targeted that all people over 21 may want to gain a provide of a hundred and sixty acres of public land. After living on and farming the land for five years, consisting of building a home and paying a submitting fee of $18 (about $425 in present day dollars), the land would be theirs.

Mortgage subsidies through federal corporations are the modern-day model of the Homestead Act. But in contrast to the land provided in the nineteenth century, government loan subsidies have confirmed to be a as an alternative horrific idea. They drive up prices and expand the dimension of the average house, at the equal time that they motivate humans with little savings and quite variable incomes to buy houses and shoulder the risks of residence fee fluctuations. The end result — as we saw in the “subprime crisis” — used to be ruinous for the borrowers, the lenders and the economy as a whole.

Astonishingly, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, seems inclined to replay this catastrophe movie. It is working to provide government guarantees on mortgages the place debtors put down as little as three percent of the buy price. In the face of opposition from the Federal Housing Administration — which additionally aggressively subsidizes housing debt — Fannie’s chief these days emphasized that it “wants this business.”

Taxpayers and economic regulators must be appalled. Instead of decreasing minimum down payments, the U.S. authorities have to be raising them to reduce the likelihood of default and protect the monetary system.

Naturally, many human beings would gain from a return to the pre-crisis fame quo. There are the federal agencies’ own employees and managers; actual property brokers; loan originators and servicers; builders and development workers; and finally, the homeowners who can borrow up to $625,500 (the present day restriction for loans in high-cost areas that conform to Fannie and Freddie’s guidelines) at a below-market rate.

Collectively, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that Fannie and Freddie subsidies for new mortgages over the duration 2015-2023 will common around $2.5 billion per year. The recipients of these advantages are so numerous that is challenging to imagine how you would begin to arrange tremendous political opposition.

One might hope (as policymakers did) that these housing subsidies raise U.S. home ownership. Yet, no matter the big federal interventions, the rate of U.S. domestic ownership currently stands at sixty five percent, the lowest stage due to the fact 1995.

Whether boosting home ownership further is a priceless coverage purpose is debatable. In Germany and Switzerland, two prosperous nations, roughly 1/2 of the residents are renters.

But if U.S. policymakers insist, they need to comply with the example set through President Abraham Lincoln in 1862. First, to be wonderful in boosting home ownership, focus the subsidy on first-time consumers or on homes below the present day median sales price of current houses of $210,000. Second, to decrease the danger of monetary instability, radically change the subsidy from debt aid to an equity increase of roughly equal aggregate size.

Call it a twenty first century land grant.

Imagine, for example, if the federal authorities were to in shape $1 for $1 for low-income households that had saved 10 percentage of the value of a starter home, giving them ample capital to put 20 percent down. Keeping the annual cost at the CBO’s estimate of $2.5 billion, that would permit the government to subsidize 200,000 purchases of $125,000 residences each and every year. With a higher fairness cushion, the resulting mortgages would be less risky and less difficult to securitize. And the equity subsidy also would promote some other key public aim — namely, greater personal savings.

It’s convenient to see why politicians like debt subsidies. Measuring them is complex, making concealment easier. Debt additionally postpones the day of reckoning, transferring the eventual burden from modern to future taxpayers. Yet, with the aid of now, we should all recognize how unstable and unfavourable this strategy can be, even for the backed borrowers.

A Homestead Act for the twenty first century that terminates mortgage subsidies can support U.S. home ownership and end the threat to our prosperity posed with the aid of today’s device of housing finance. If we can’t attain that purpose today, the least we should do is to halt authorities moves to make the debt subsidy even riskier.

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How to Get the Best Rate On Your Mortgage…

Buying a domestic is a big financial commitment. Finding the right loan (and how to get the quality mortgage rate) can be a difficult procedure — particularly for first-time homebuyers. Comparison shopping is the key to getting the nice deal, and you’ll desire to ask yourself, “How much residence can I afford?” before getting too a ways into the process.

Here are six important questions to consider when figuring out which loan is right for you:

  • Should I get a fixed- or adjustable-rate mortgage?
  • Should I pay for points?
  • How much should I expect to pay in closing costs?
  • Do I qualify for any special programs?
  • How much can and should I put down?
  • Any other insights on how to get the best mortgage rate?

Should I get a fixed- or adjustable-rate mortgage

1. Mortgages usually come in two forms: fixed or adjustable rate. Fixed-rate mortgages lock you into a constant interest rate that you’ll pay over the life of the loan. The part of your personal loan charge that goes towards principal plus pastime stays steady in the course of the mortgage term, although insurance, property taxes and other prices might also fluctuate.

The hobby price on an adjustable-rate mortgage fluctuates over the lifestyles of the loan. An ARM normally starts offevolved with an introductory duration of 10, seven, 5 or even one year, at some stage in which your pastime charge holds steady. After that, your charge changes based totally on an activity price index chosen by way of the bank.

ARMs seem to be excellent to a lot of homebuyers because they generally provide lower introductory rates. But remember, your price should go up after your introductory period, so be sure you’re blissful with the threat your monthly personal loan fee could rise drastically in the future. As you attempt to figure out how to get the fine personal loan rate, use the terms of the mortgage to calculate what your payment would possibly appear like in distinct charge scenarios.

2. A point is an upfront price — 1% of the complete mortgage amount — paid to decrease the ongoing pastime rate by means of a constant amount, generally 0.125%. For example, if you take out a $200,000 loan at 4.25% interest, you might be able to pay a $2,000 rate to reduce the rate to 4.125%.

Paying for factors makes feel if you layout to maintain the mortgage for a lengthy time, but considering that the common owner of a house stays in his or her house for about 9 years, the upfront prices frequently outweigh pastime price savings over time.

Alternatively, there are poor points. It’s the opposite of paying points: A lender reduces its fees in trade for a higher ongoing activity rate. It’s tempting to decrease your upfront fees, however the extra pastime you pay over the lifestyles of the loan can be significant. Carefully think about your short-term financial savings and your long-term costs earlier than taking poor points.

3. Closing prices normally amount to about 3% of the purchase charge of your domestic and are paid at the time you close, or finalize, the buy of a house. Closing prices are made up of a variety of expenses charged by means of lenders, consisting of underwriting and processing charges, title insurance costs and appraisal costs, amongst others.

You’re allowed to keep round for lower expenses in some cases, and the Loan Estimate form will tell you which ones those are. Shopping for the proper lender is a appropriate way to discover the satisfactory loan rate, and shop money on a mortgage and related fees.

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Spring Special: $500 Off A New Roof!

$500 Off New Roof LogoSpring has finally sprung in West Michigan, and Premier Roofing & Exteriors is celebrating by offering $500 off any new roof!We’ve delivered high-quality results to over 5,000 happy homeowners in the greater Boston area and beyond. Our friendly reps work with you to choose the best roofing options at affordable prices, and we’re committed to being fast, thorough, and friendly. As a locally owned and operated roofing company, we care about our community and know how to make a roof stand up to New England winters.To take advantage of our $500 Off Spring Special, call us at (781) 322-6252 or fill out our Free Estimate Form. Be sure to act fast, though — this offer expires May 31st, 2019.
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Admin Assistant

Our Company:  We have built our construction company on integrity, hard work and a great reputation. Our growth to a multi-million dollar company was been solely through word-of-mouth.   

In 2019, we expect to grow double in size.  Our growth projection opens an opportunity for the right person to become our Project Manager or another role in the company.  No matter what skill level you come in with – we will require extensive training.  We are partnered with a major corporation and several financial institutions.  We serve the customer and we do things right!   

Organized: You are hyper-organized, capable of moving from one different task to another… and can stay on task and on time.   
Creative: You think outside the box and realize that you can’t take one-size fits all approach to supporting managers, and you don’t want to. You learn from your mistakes; you are undaunted by error and persist forward.   

Chaos:  You know that chaos arrives before a breakthrough – you walk through it with poise. 
Analytical: Numbers are your friends. You have a sense for what metrics your managers are looking for to run their businesses and can help create systems for getting that data to them quickly and regularly. You are always looking for ways to make collecting and distributing information look easy. You are a data beast! 

You will assist in the total operations of a roofing installation company.  Prospects for roof installations are found through paid ads, call center outreach, Internet Marketing.  Leads are followed up by salespeople. Roof installations are sold by sales people.  Some are cash, some are financed.  Roof installations are scheduled by salespeople and installation managers.  Schedules are interrupted by weather, materials, priorities, etc.  Installations are completed and problems often arise in the process of installations. Neighbors are unhappy.  Final payment is finalized.  You will be the first contact. 

You will schedule sales calls, research properties, scour the internet using The New MLS system for realtors. You will find target prospects for roofs and real estate.  You will learn the roofing/construction business and get hands on involved.   

What else will you learn:  

– How to use Quick Books Pro 

– Use a CRM (customer relationship management) Software 

– How to price construction jobs and how the foreclosure and short-sale business works 

– Post to Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram 

The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about learning. Preference to bi-lingual (Spanish/English) and/or avid SOCIAL MEDIA user/enthusiast. 

You may… 

– Communicate and/or manage logistical details: schedule sales leads, manage purchase/delivery  

of materials, obtain permits, etc. 

– Monitor deadlines for your administrative manager. 

– Conduct local marketing efforts/meet with prospects 


– Have an attitude of service – gee! How can I make the customer feel comfortable 

Flexible attitude and good judgment  

– Love – love people.  Like meeting new people and enjoy learning about them… NOT telling them all about you! 
  (by the way that is one of the keys to creating lasting relationships – its about them… not you!) 

– Proficient in Word, Excel, Internet 

– Must be a good listener and MUST BE ABLE TO TAKE DIRECTION  

– Possess a valid driver license & have your own transportation 

– Good appearance & Good communication skills 

– Be able to work independently: computer work/phone sales/scheduling staff/materials  

scheduling or making runs for materials  

– Must be able to interface with customers in a polite professional manner 

– MUST BE on time and dependable 

– Must have your own transportation 

– Superb phone skills and the ability to establish solid rapports with prospects/customers  

– Bi-lingual candidates are very desirable (Spanish/English).

To Apply: Email us your resume or prior experience to (No phone calls please)

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Construction Salesperson

Salary:   Starting at $30,000 – $40,000 salary / 10% commission / plus-plus

Our Company:  We have built our construction company on integrity, hard work and a great reputation. Our growth to a multi-million dollar company was been solely through word-of-mouth.   

In 2019, we expect to grow double in size.  Our growth projection opens an opportunity for the right person to become our Project Manager or another role in the company.  No matter what skill level you come in with – we will require extensive training.  We are partnered with a major corporation and several financial institutions.  We serve the customer and we do things right!   

This year, we are aggressively putting our funds into marketing and sales.  We are creating a first class sales team; we have top quality craftsmen/installer teams and competent supervision.   

Our Sales Training program:  Best in the business.  Most expensive in the construction business.  The TRAINING is the chosen program for Owens Corning and the largest home improvement companies in the US.  When you are skilled in this training – you will get 5 out of 10 sales.  You will be better than any of your competitors.  

What does that imply? – we will do our best to keep you – because you will be really  valuable! 

Our relationships: Owens Corning, National Banks & Home Improvement Finance Companies 

Our commitment:   

  • Provide valid leads daily (1.5 to 3 leads per day – we set the minimum together!)   
  • Provide you with top quality training.  Access to an on-line sales university contracted with our company.  Limitless possibilities.   

Your opportunity:   

  • Become a nationally recognized salesperson 
  • Make over $100,000 per year (top sales make over $200,000) 

We are looking for an Customer Service/ Sales Person to join our construction company in the Boston Area.   Some of the position’s responsibilities will include:  

Responsible for the assisting in the planning, coordinating and managing all company projects 
Developing clear concise proposals/contracts;  
Communicating these agreements to Production/Installation 
Co-responsible for positive customer relations/experience with installation and administrative staff Attending to/communicating about and following up with all company leads 

The salesperson becomes: 

  • The problem solver for the customer 
  • The “face of the company”  with everyone he/she communicates  

Job Requirements: 
You should like people!  Genuinely enjoy meeting new people. 
The willingness and drive to learn 
Reliable transportation. 
Valid Driver’s license 
Prior Sales experience would be a plus, but not required – why? We are willing to teach the right people with the right attitude! 
Bi-lingual is a plus (Portuguese or Spanish)– but not required 
A background or knowledge in construction and roofing would be helpful – but it is not a requirement.  Customer service is the backbone of our company and is the most important quality. 

Please reply with attached resume for immediate consideration. Positions will be filled quickly.  Though you will have control of your schedule, you must be able to work a flexible schedule, including days, evenings and Saturdays. Valid drivers license, auto insurance and reliable vehicle are all necessary requirements. 

To Apply: Email us your resume or prior experience to (No phone calls please)

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Roof Inspection in the Greater Boston Area

Over time, all roofs wear. With New England’s brutal  winters and steamy summers, it stands to reason every homeowner performs regular roof inspections to ensure quality. The unfortunate fact is most homeowners will only get their roof inspected when they’re about to sell their home. As with most things an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking the time to inspect your roof regularly will help you avoid costly repairs later. 

FRS Roofing provides thorough roof inspections to ensure the structural soundness of your roof. We evaluate all elements of your roof and determine any need for repair or replacement, giving you peace of mind  and proving the condition is good.

Get a comprehensive roof inspection today!

Do you need a roof inspection? Call us today at 781-322-6252. We provide all our roofing services in Greater Boston area.  We can provide a complete inspection and certification for any type of roof. We can also provide quality repair services if necessary.

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What to Do if Your Roof Leaks in a Heavy Storm

Notwithstanding whether it is spring or summer, the more sweltering atmosphere brings rainstorms. We expected to show a couple of techniques to seek after on the off chance that you’re seeing gaps from your rooftop in the midst of overpowering or splashing rainstorms.

What Causes Roof Leaks During Rain Storms?

All things being equal, the saying, “water constantly wins” has some bona fide truth to it. Everything outwardly of your home beginning from the rooftop is a bit of what we call the building envelope and even the humblest defect can allow water intrusion. With significant, wind-driven rains or even determined rains in excess of a couple of days, the chances of working up an opening are more likely.

Bay windows

Try not to judge us, but overall we love a our sky windows. Who doesn’t want more light inside their home? Who wouldn’t care to see the stars from their bed? Regardless on how great your window was installed, it is helpless against spilling in overpowering storms than a housetop with no straight window.

You shouldn’t have issues with sky light windows in any rain condition, yet overpowering storms, and especially wind-driven deluges make them more inclined to spill.

Plumbing Vent Stacks and Fan Vent Hoods

Plumbing can be another issue for a housetop. A broken or erroneously installed vent stack will spill in during heavy storm. In addition, fan vent hood flashings, and addition `radiator flu flashings, are notorious for having gaps.

Chimney Chases

Brick chimneys can allow water entrance as a result of gaps in the cap and mortar joints. In the midst of considerable soaking storms, the water really splashes into the mortar and will at last find a way if the rain is overpowering or props up adequately long. If you have a physical chimney, explore it for broken joints or missing bricks, or bits of absent brick . Likewise, research to what degree it takes to dry after any rain.

The flashing might be to blame too. In case you have siding on your chimney, also known as “chase”  this can a problem, especially if it rotten, split and/or missing wood siding.  Another potential issue is the tops or “Chase Caps.” The have a tendency to hold water – causing the caulk to fail, eventually allowing water to drip your fire box. The flashing can also be a problem, however  if you’re seeing a leak normally regular rain, and see a leak with a heaey wind-driven rains, there might be another problem.

Damage to Your Roof

The roofing structure is your first line of protection in the midst of any rain. While much of the time the reason behind a gap is defective or falling flashing, caulk, or something more, it is conceivable that possible may have sustained real damage to your roof. A tree limb that’s fallen, a missing shingles, or ridge vent that out place most certainly will show up as leak where there wasn’t one.

What to Do if Your Ceiling Starts to Leak

If you have a leak in your roof, it might be that you may have had in leak in your attic for a period of time with the insulation and drywall getting soaked. You might want to determine how bad the issue is by poking a small hole where you see the drip. That would be a low point in the drywall allowing it to drain.

When the storm has passed, call a roofer. They can cover your roof or replace missing shingles. They can also determined if there real damage to your roof. If your attic is reachable, you should have a contractor clear up the wet insulation or pull it back.

In Closing

If you’re getting roof leaks during heavy rain storms, give a roofer a call. The other option is brave the ladder and height and do ti yourself. If you’re in the Metro Boston area, give FRS Roofing a call at 781-322-6252.

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All You Need To Know About Toxic Mold


There is no place that mold is absent even inside the house, brick wall, and outside the house, like the garden. Its presence is noticed by the blackening of any surface it appears on. Inside the house mold is found anywhere moisture is present which can be in the kitchen sink drain and sponge,  potted plants, shower grout, etc.

Though mold can be found everywhere, it is not a cause to panic when you see a little patch of it. In that stage, cleaning is done easily with a mixture of water and bleach. It is important to note that any mold at all have the potential of making someone sick. This potential is even higher in person that have allergies and asthma. It is always safer to use protective gloves and face masks while dealing with them. Ensure also that the place is well ventilated.

Fact About Mold

The infamous Stachybotrys chartarum is known also as black mold but it is not toxic, rather it has the ability to produce mycotoxins. Black mold is feared because of its apparent dangerous effect on man.

This is so because of many reports from websites and written articles that it is a plague that has terrifying symptoms such as memory loss or idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage.

However, the official report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) differs significantly from the speculation from reports making waves in the news. For one, officials in CDC believes that symptoms being associated with black molds like memory loss or idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage are rare and the link between a toxigenic and those conditions haven’t been proven at all. Irrespective of that, all types of mold should be treated as health impediment and be removed using safety Procedures.

Unlike other household molds, black mold is rare in the house because it requires a lot of moisture to survive and thrive. Therefore, it is rarely seen together with other types of household mold. You should be worried more about fixing your house if it is leaking due to a broken roof, broken pipe or outright poltergeist, rather than fret about black mold which should be the least of your worries.

You need to know that the presence of mold in your house is pointer to a leak in the house which is allowing moisture inside and which must be fixed for you to be free of mold. There is no need of confirmation from anyone if you see or suspect a black stain in your house to be mold, fix it by cleaning it off. Try to also locate the moisture inlet and close it to prevent future occurrence. You need to make hay while the sun shines because even the so-called non-toxigenic mold can cause an allergic reaction.

Prevention of Mold

All type of mold needs three basic elements to survive: moisture, food i.e. dirty and, a surface to grow on. The easier way to prevent molds are:

  • Keep your house as dry as possible so that mold doesn’t see any moisture to flourish with. Mold will never come to a house that is dry and well ventilated.
  • Cultivate the attitude of cleaning your house especially the bathroom and kitchen part that moisture abounds Try to also keep it well ventilated, clean and dry.
  • Keep all surfaces such as tile grout, sink drain, walls and shower curtains neat and dry.

Removal of Mold

  • A mixture or solution of water and bleach is recommended for cleaning and removing mold from a hard surface found inside the house.
  • For surfaces outside, a pressure washer is advisable, remember to seal up the leak properly after cleaning.
  • For a soft and porous surface like furniture, it is better to dispose off the affected material before the mold spreads and cause” more harm.

For houses that are heavily infested by mold, like a flood-ridden house, the services of a professional is needed before such a house can be inhabited. According to the Federal Emergency Agency, children, the aged, pregnant women, people who have immune system problem or respiratory problem like asthma, or allergies are more at risk from the effect of mold.

Lastly, don’t panic when you notice mold in your house and remember to protect yourself while cleaning mold.

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