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About Brookline, MA

Brookline is a town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, in the United States, and part of the Boston metropolitan area. Brookline borders six of Boston’s neighborhoods: Brighton, Allston, Fenway-Kenmore, Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain, and West Roxbury. The city of Newton lies to the west of Brookline. Brookline was first settled in 1638 as a hamlet in Boston, known as Muddy River; it was incorporated as a separate town in 1705.

At the time of the 2020 United States Census, the population of the town was 63,191. It is the most populous municipality in Massachusetts to have a town (rather than city) form of government.

Brookline, MA Neighborhoods

Coolidge Corner, Longwood, High Street Hill, North Brookline, Aspinwall Hill, Fisher Hill, Coolidge Corner South Side, South Brookline, Salisbury Road – Corey Farm, Chestnut Hill Village, Emerson Gardens, Riverway Island, Woodland Heath, Harvard Avenue, Buttonwood Village, Boylston Street, White Place, Cottage Farm Historic District, Central Village, Griggs Park, Chestnut Hill Neighborhood Association,


Top Sights in Brookline, MA

Larz Anderson Auto Museum

John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

Larz Anderson Park

Emerald Necklace

Longyear Museum

Commonwealth Avenue

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Harvard Bridge

Magazine Beach

Brookline Reservoir Park

MIT Chapel

Boston University Bridge

Brookline Avenue Playground

Amory Playground

Brookline Recreation Department

Hall’s Pond Sanctuary

Temple Ohabei Shalom

Fisher Hill Reservoir Park

Winthrop Square

Skyline Park

Coolidge Park

Daniel J. Warren Playground

Hammond Pond Reservation

Holy Transfiguration Monastery

Griggs Park

John F. Kennedy Birthplace

Mass Audubon Magazine Beach Park Nature Center

Mary Baker Eddy Historic House

Cutler Park Reservation

Hart Nautical Gallery

Beaver Brook Reservation

Fort Washington Park

River Street Bridge

Webster Conservation Area

Mass Audubon’s Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary

Kennard Park

Weston Ski Track

Dana Square Park

Leverett Circle Connector Bridge

North Bank Bridge

Beaver Brook – Spray Deck & Playground

Neponset River Reservation

Rock Meadow Conservation Area

Leo J. Martin Ski Track

Street Names in Brookline, MA

Abbottsford Road Ackers Avenue Ackers Terrace Acron Road Adams Street Addington Path
Addington Road Alberta Road Allandale Road Allerton Street Alton Court Alton Place
Alwyngton Road Amory Street Andem Place Arlington Road Asheville Road Aspinwall Avenue
Aston Road Atherton Road Auburn Court Auburn Place Auburn Street Avon Street
Babcock Street Baker Circle Bartlett Cres Bartlett Street Baxter Road Beacon Street
Beaconsfield Path Beaconsfield Road Beals Street Beech Road Beecher Road Bellingham Drive
Bellingham Road Belmont Road Benjamin Place Beresford Road Berkeley Court Beverly Road
Blake Road Bonad Road Borland Street Bowker Street Boylston Place Boylston Street
Bradford Terrace Brington Road Brook Street Brookline Avenue Browne Street Buckminster Road
Cabot Street Cameron Street Carlton Street Cary Road Catlin Road Cedar Road
Centre Street Channing Road Chapel Street Charles Street Chatham Circle Chatham Street
Chesham Road Chestnut Hill Avenue Chestnut Place Chestnut Street Chilton Street Churchill Street
Circuit Road City View Road Claflin Path Claflin Road Clarence Street Clark Court
Clark Road Clearwater Road Cleveland Road Clinton Path Clinton Road Clyde Street
Codman Road Colbourne Cres Colchester Street Columbia Street Columbia Terrace Conant Road
Coolidge Street Copley Street Corey Road Cotswold Road Cottage Farm Road Cottage Street
Country Road Crafts Road Craftsland Road Craig Place Cramond Road Crowninshield Road
Cumberland Avenue Cushing Road Cutler Lane Cypress Street Dale Street Dana Street
Davis Avenue Davis Court Davis Path Dean Road Denny Road Devon Road
Devotion Street Doran Road Downing Road Druce Street Dudley Street Dudley Way
Duffley Court Dummer Street Dunster Road Dwight Street E Milton Road Edgehill Road
Edwin Street Egmont Street Elba Street Eliot Cres Eliot Street Elm Street
Emerson Street Englewood Avenue Essex Street Euston Street Evans Road Ewe Street
Fairbanks Street Fairgreen Place Fairmount Street Fairway Road Feneno Terrace Fernwood Road
Fisher Avenue Fisher Road Fiske Terrace Forest Street Foster Street Foster Street Exd
Foster Street Exn Francis Street Franklin Court Franklin Street Freeman Street Fuller Street
Gardner Road Garrison Road George Lane Gibbs Street Glen Road Glenland Road
Glenoe Road Goddard Avenue Goddard Circle Goodnough Road Goodwin Place Gorham Avenue
Grassmere Road Green Hill Road Green Street Greenough Circle Greenough Street Greenway Court
Griggs Road Griggs Terrace Grove Street Hackensack Road Hall Road Hallwood Road
Hamilton Road Hammond Pond Pkwy Hammond Street Hancock Road Harris Street Harrison Street
Hart Street Harvard Avenue Harvard Court Harvard Place Harvard Square Harvard Street
Hawes Place Hawes Street Hawthorn Road Hayden Road Heath Hill Heath Street
Heathwood Lane Hedge Road Henry Street High Street High Street Place Highland Road
Hillside Road Hilltop Road Holden Street Holland Road Holly Lane Homer Street
Hurd Road Hyslop Road Hyslop Road Exn Intervale Road Irving Street Ivy Street
Jamaica Road James Street Jefferson Road Jenness Road John Street Jordan Road
Juniper Street Kendall Street Kennard Road Kensington Circle Kent Square Kent Street
Kenwood Street Kerrigan Place Kilsyth Road Lagrange Street Lanark Road Lancaster Terrace
Lapland Street Larkin Road Laurel Road Lawrence Road Lawton Street Lee Street
Leicester Street Lenox Street Leverett Street Lincoln Road Linden Court Linden Place
Linden Street Littell Road Longwood Avenue Loveland Road Lowell Lane Lowell Road
Lyman Road Lyon Road Manchester Road Manton Terrace Maple Street Marion Path
Marion Street Marion Terrace Marshal Street Marthas Lane Mason Street Mason Terrace
Meadowbrook Road Melville Court Middlesex Road Milton Road Monmouth Court Monmouth Street
Mountfort Street Mulford Street Naples Road Nelson Drive Netherlands Road New Terrace Road
Newell Road Newton Street Norfolk Road Oak Street Oakland Road Oakland Road Exn
Ogden Road Orchard Road Osborne Road Park Street Park Vale Parkman Street
Parkway Road Payson Road Pearl Street Penniman Place Penniman Road Perrin Road
Perry Street Philbrick Road Pierce Street Pine Road Pleasant Street Plowgate Road
Pond Avenue Portlege Road Powell Street Prescott Street Prince Street Princeton Road
Puddingstone Road Randolph Road Rangeley Road Rawson Road Regent Circle Reservoir Court
Reservoir Road Rice Street Risley Road River Road Roberts Street Rockledge Road
Rockwood Street Royal Road Russell Street Russett Road Saint Marys Court Saint Marys Street
Salisbury Road Sargent Beechwood Sargent Crossway Sargent Road School Street Searle Avenue
Sears Road Seaver Street Sewall Avenue Shailer Street Shaw Road Sheafe Street
Sherrin Road Short Street Singletree Road Smythe Street Somerset Road South Street
Spooner Road St Marys Court St Marys Street St Paul Street St Paul’s Avenue Stanton Road
State Route 2 State Route 9 Station Street Stearns Road Stedman Street Stetson Street
Still Street Strathmore Road Summit Avenue Summit Path Sumner Road Tabor Place
Tappan Street Taylor Crossway Thatcher Street Thayer Place Thayer Street Thorndike Street
Toxteth Street Tully Street University Road Upland Road Valley Road Verndale Street
Vernon Street Veterans of Foreign Wars Pkwy Vfw Pkwy Village Way Vogel Terrace W Roxbury Pkwy
Waldo Street Wallis Road Walnut Hill Road Walnut Path Walnut Place Walnut Street
Warren Street Warwick Road Washburn Place Washburn Terrace Washington Street Waverly Street
Webster Place Webster Street Welch Road Welland Road Wellington Terrace Wellman Street
Wentworth Place Westbourne Terrace Weybridge Lane Weybridge Road White Avenue White Place
Whitney Street Willard Road Williams Street Williston Road Willow Cres Winchester Street
Windsor Road Winslow Road Winthrop Path Winthrop Road Wolcott Road Woodcliff Road
Woodland Road Worthington Road Yarmouth Road York Terrace

Brookline, MA Zip Codes

02445, 02446, 02447, 02467,