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About Cambridge, MA

Cambridge ( KAYM-brij) is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. The city is part of the Greater Boston metropolitan area. Its population of the 2020 U.S. census was 118,403, making it the fourth most populous city in the state, behind Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, and ninth most populous city in New England. Located 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Boston across the Charles River, the was named in honor of the University of Cambridge in England, the third-oldest university in the world that was an important global center of the Puritan theology that was embraced by the town’s founders.:u200a18u200a

Cambridge is known globally as home to two of the world’s most elite universities. Harvard University, an Ivy League university founded in 1636, is the oldest institution of higher learning in the nation and is ranked the third best national university in the United States as of 2022-23, according to U.S. News & World Report. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commonly known as MIT and founded in 1861, is also based in Cambridge and is ranked the second best national university in the same 2022-23 U.S. News & World Report ranking. Lesley University and Hult International Business School also are based in Cambridge. Radcliffe College, an elite women’s liberal arts college, also was based in Cambridge from its 1879 founding until its assimiliation into Harvard in 1999.

Kendall Square, northwest of the Charles River in Cambridge, has been called “the most innovative square mile on the planet” due to the high concentration of startup companies that have emerged there since 2010.


Cambridge, MA Neighborhoods

Kendall Square, Harvard Square, Central Square, West Cambridge, Area 2/MIT, The Port, Cambridgeport, Neighborhood Nine, Wellington-Harrington, Garfield Street Historic District, Mid-Cambridge, Cambridge Highlands, Baldwin, Avon Hill, Observatory Hill, Riverside,


Top Sights in Cambridge, MA

Harvard Art Museums

The Harvard Museum of Natural History

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Harvard Square

Fenway Park

Museum of Science

Longfellow House-Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site

MIT Museum

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

Freedom Trail

Boston Common

Harvard Yard

Public Garden

MIT List Visual Arts Center

Faneuil Hall

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East

Massachusetts State House

Newbury Street

The Paul Revere House

Old State House

USS Constitution Museum

Old North Church

John Harvard Statue

Bunker Hill Monument

Quincy Market

Boston Public Library – Central Library

Charles River Esplanade

USS Constitution

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Old South Meeting House

Trinity Church

Widener Library

Museum of African American History

Museum of Comparative Zoology

Granary Burying Ground

Fresh Pond

Copley Square

Busch-Reisinger Museum

The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Danehy Park

Harvard Bridge

Boston Athenaeum

Boston Common Frog Pond

Swan Boats

Park Street Church

John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

King’s Chapel

North Point Park

John Hancock Tower

Boston Public Market

Fresh Pond Reservation

Cambridge Common

Boston National Historical Park

Black Heritage Trail

Commonwealth Avenue

Boston City Hall

MIT Chapel

Faneuil Hall Visitor Center

Prudential Tower

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

Charlestown Navy Yard

Back Bay Fens

Massachusetts Historical Society

Commonwealth Avenue Mall

Old South Church in Boston

African Meeting House

Charles River Reservation

Boston Massacre Site

Kings Chapel Burying Ground

Kenmore Square

Old Corner Book Store

Charles Street

Longfellow Bridge

Nichols House Museum

Hatch Memorial Shell

James P. Kelleher Rose Garden

Christian Science Plaza

Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment Memorial

Gibson House Museum

City Hall Plaza

The Sports Museum

Boston’s Old City Hall

Emerald Necklace

Mugar Omni Theater

The West End Museum

George Washington Statue

Louisburg Square

The Fenway Garden Society

Paul Revere Statue

Otis House Museum


Custom House Tower

USS Cassin Young

Middlesex Fells Reservation

The Greenway Carousel

Armenian Museum of America

Stone Zoo

Griffin Museum-Photography

Street Names in Cambridge, MA

1st Street 2nd Street 3rd Street 4th Street Place 5th Street 6th Street
7th Street 8th Street Aberdeen Avenue Aberdeen Court Aberdeen Way Acacia Street
Acorn Park Acorn Park Drive Acorn Street Adams Terrace Agassiz Street Albany Street
Alberta Terrace Alewife Brook Pkwy Alewife Center Allen Street Allston Street Alpine Street
Ames Street Amesbury Street Amherst Street Amory Place Amory Street Andrew Street
Antrim Street Appian Way Appleton Road Appleton Street Appleton Terrace Arcadia Street
Arlington Street Arnold Circle Arrow Street Arsenal Square Ash Street Ash Street Place
Ashburton Place Ashton Place Athenaeum Street Athens Street Athens Terrace Auburn Park
Auburn Street Audrey Street Austin Park Avon Hill Street Avon Place Avon Street
Bacon Court Baldwin Street Court Ballord Place Bancroft Street Banks Street Bates Street
Bay State Road Bay Street Beech Street Bellevue Avenue Bellis Circle Bellis Court
Belmont Court Belmont Street Belvidere Place Bennett Street Bent Street Berkeley Place
Berkeley Street Berkshire Place Berkshire Street Bigelow Street Binney Street Birch Street
Bishop Richard Allen Drive Blackstone Street Blair Place Blake Street Blakeslee Street Blanchard Road
Blanche Street Boardman Place Boardman Street Bolton Street Bond Street Bow Street
Bowdoin Street Boyle Terrace Bradbury Street Brattle Circle Brattle Square Brattle Street
Brewer Street Brewster Street Bristol Street Broadway Broadway Court Broadway Terrace
Brookford Street Brookline Place Brookline Street Brown Street Bryant Street Buckingham Place
Buckingham Street Buena Vista Park Cadbury Road Callender Street Cambridge Center Cambridge Park Drive
Cambridge Pkwy Cambridge Street Cambridge Terrace Cambridgepark Drive Cambridgeside Place Camden Place
Camelia Avenue Cameron Avenue Camp Street Canal Park Cardinal Medeiros Avenue Carleton Street
Carlisle Street Carver Street Cedar Square Cedar Street Central Square Centre Street
Chalk Street Channing Circle Channing Place Channing Street Chapman Place Charles Street
Chatham Street Chauncy Lane Chauncy Street Chauncy Terrace Cherry Court Cherry Street
Chester Street Chestnut Street Chetwynd Road Chilton Street Church Street Churchill Avenue
Clark Street Clary Street Clay Street Clement Circle Cleveland Street Clifton Street
Clinton Street Cogswell Avenue Cogswell Court Cogswell Place Columbia Street Columbia Terrace
Columbus Avenue Commercial Avenue Concord Avenue Concord Lane Concord Tpke Coolidge Avenue
Coolidge Hill Coolidge Hill Road Copley Street Corcoran Lane Corcoran Way Corliss Place
Cornelius Way Corporal Burns Road Cottage Court Cottage Park Avenue Cottage Park Court Cottage Row
Cottage Street Cowperthwaite Street Craigie Circle Craigie Street Crawford Street Creighton Street
Crescent Street Cresto Terrace Cross Street Crossland Street Cushing Street Cutler Avenue
Cypress Street Dana Place Dana Street Davenport Street Davis Street Day Street
Deacon Street Decatur Street Dewolfe Street Dickinson Street Dinsmore Court Divinity Avenue
Doane Street Dock Street Dodge Street Donnell Street Douglas Street Dover Street
Drummond Place Dudley Court Dudley Street Dunstable Road Dunster Street Earhart Street
East Street Eaton Street Edmunds Street Education Street Edward T Sullivan Road Eliot Square
Eliot Street Ellery Place Ellery Square Ellery Street Ellsworth Avenue Ellsworth Park
Elm Street Elmer Street Elmwood Avenue Emily Street Emmet Place Emmons Place
Endicott Street Ericsson Street Erie Street Essex Street Eustis Street Evereteze Way
Everett Street Exeter Park Fainwood Circle Fair Oaks Street Fairfield Street Fairmont Avenue
Fairmont Street Fairview Avenue Fallon Place Farrar Street Farrell Way Farwell Place
Fawcett Street Fayerweather Street Fayette Park Fayette Street Felton Street Fenno Street
Fern Street Fernald Drive Field Street Fisk Place Fiske Place Flagg Street
Florence Street Foch Street Follen Lane Follen Street Forest Street Fort Washington Place
Foster Place Foster Street Fountain Terrace Frances Place Francis Avenue Franklin Place
Franklin Street Fresh Pond Lane Fresh Pond Pkwy Fresh Pond Place Frisbie Place Front Street
Frost Street Frost Terrace Fulkerson Street Fuller Place Garden Court Garden Lane
Garden Street Garden Terrace Gardner Road Garfield Street George Street Gerry Street
Gerrys Landing Road Gibson Street Gilmore Street Gladstone Street Glenn Terrace Glenwood Avenue
Gold Star Road Gold Star Road Court Gold Star Road Place Goodman Road Gordon Place Gore Street
Gore Street Place Gorham Street Gracewood Park Granite Street Grant Street Granville Road
Gray Gardens E Gray Gardens W Gray Street Green Street Greenough Avenue Greenough Boulevard
Griswold Street Grove Avenue Grove Street Grozier Road Gurney Street Hadley Street
Hamilton Street Hamlin Street Hammond Street Hampshire Court Hampshire Place Hampshire Street
Hancock Park Hancock Place Hancock Street Harding Street Hardwick Street Harold Place
Harrington Road Harrington Terrace Harris Street Harrison Avenue Harvard Street Harvey Street
Harwell Drive Haskell Street Hastings Square Hawthorn Street Hawthorne Park Hayes Street
Hayward Street Hazel Street Healey Street Hemlock Road Henry Street Herbert Street
Hews Street High Street Highland Avenue Highland Park Highland Street Hill Muller Avenue
Hilliard Place Hilliard Street Hillside Avenue Hillside Place Hingham Street Holden Green
Holden Street Hollis Park Hollis Street Holly Avenue Holmes Street Holworthy Place
Holworthy Street Holworthy Terrace Holyoke Place Holyoke Street Homer Avenue Hooper Place
Houghton Street Houston Park Hovey Avenue Howard Street Howland Street Hubbard Avenue
Hubbard Park Road Hudson Place Hudson Street Humboldt Street Hunting Street Hurlbut Street
Hurley Street Huron Avenue Hutchinson Street Industrial Park Road Inman Court Inman Place
Inman Street Irving Street Irving Terrace Ivy Street Jackson Circle Jackson Gardens
Jackson Place Jackson Street James Street James Way Jarvis Street Jay Street
Jay Street Place Jefferson Park Jefferson Street Jfk Street Kassul Park Kelley Street
Kelly Road Kennedy Road Kenway Street Kenwood Street Kimball Lane Kimball Street
King Place King Street Kinnaird Street Kirkland Place Kirkland Road Kirkland Street
Lake View Avenue Lambert Street Lamont Avenue Lamson Place Lancaster Street Land Boulevard
Landsdowne Street Langdon Square Langdon Street Larch Road Larchwood Drive Laurel Street
Lawn Court Lawn Street Lawrence Street Lee Street Leonard Avenue Lexington Avenue
Lilac Court Lincoln Lane Lincoln Place Lincoln Street Lincoln Way Linden Street
Line Street Linehan Court Linnaean Street Linskey Way Linwood Place Livermore Place
Locke Street Locust Street Locust Terrace Longfellow Park Longfellow Road Loomis Street
Lopez Avenue Lopez Street Lowell Street Madison Avenue Madison Street Magazine Court
Magazine Street Magee Street Magnolia Avenue Magoun Street Main Street Malcolm Road
Manassas Avenue Maple Avenue Marcella Street Marie Avenue Marion Street Market Street
Marney Street Martin Street Marvin Place Mason Street Massachusetts Avenue Matignon Road
Max Avenue May Street Maynard Place McLean Place McTernan Street Meacham Road
Mead Street Meadow Way Mellen Street Memorial Drive Mercer Circle Merriam Street
Merrill Street Michael Way Middlesex Street Mifflin Place Mildred Hamilton Place Mill Street
Miller Avenue Milton Street Monsignor Obrien Highway Montague Montague Street Montgomery Street
Mooney Street Moore Street Morrison Court Moulton Street Mount Auburn Street Mount Pleasant Street
Mount Vernon Street Msgr O’Brien Highway Muller Avenue Mullins Court Munroe Street Murdock Street
Murray Hill Road Murray Road Museum Street Museum Way Myrtle Avenue N Point Boulevard
New Street Newell Street Newell Terrace Newman Street Newport Road Newton Street
Nichols Place Norfolk Court Norfolk Street Norfolk Terrace Norman Street Normandy Avenue
Normandy Ter Exn Normandy Terrace Norris Street Norton Place Norumbega Street Notre Dame Avenue
Nutting Road Oak Street Oakland Street Old Dee Road Olive Place Orchard Street
Orrin Street Osborne Street Otis Street Oxford Avenue Oxford Street Pacific Street
Palermo Street Palmer Street Park Avenue Parker Street Parkway Terrace Parnell Street
Pearl Street Pearl Street Place Pemberton Court Pemberton Street Pemberton Terrace Percy Place
Perry Street Peters Street Phillips Place Pilgrim Street Pine Street Pleasant Place
Pleasant Street Plymouth Street Plympton Street Pond Place Poplar Road Porrington Street
Porter Circle Porter Park Porter Road Porter Square Porter Street Portland Street
Portsmouth Street Potter Park Potter Street Prentiss Street Prescott Street Prince Street
Princeton Avenue Prospect Street Puckertoot Road Putnam Avenue Putnam Court Putnam Gdns
Quincy Street Raymond Street Reed Street Reed Street Court Reed Street Terrace Reed Terrace
Regent Street Remington Street Reservoir Street Revere Street Rice Circle Rice Street
Richard Avenue Richardson Street Richdale Avenue Riedesel Avenue Rindge Avenue Rindge Avenue Exd
Rindge Terrace Rindgefield Street River Street Riverside Place Riverside Road Roberts Road
Robinson Street Rockingham Place Rockingham Street Rockwell Street Rogers Street Rollins Court
Roseland Street Ross Street Royal Avenue Rumeal Robinson Place Russell Street Rutland Street
S Normandy Avenue Sacramento Place Sacramento Street Saginaw Avenue Saint Gerard Terrace Saint Mary Road
Saint Paul Street Saint Saveur Court Salem Street Sargent Street Saville Street School Street
Sciarappa Street Scott Street Scouting Way Seagrave Road Seckle Street Sedgewick Road
Sellers Street Seven Pines Avenue Shady Hill Road Shady Hill Square Shaler Lane Shea Road
Shepard Street Sheridan Street Sherman Street Sibley Court Sidney Street Smart Street
Smith Place Soden Place Soden Street Somerville Avenue South Street Sparks Place
Sparks Street Speridakis Terrace Spinelli Place Spring Place Spring Street Springfield Street
Spruce Avenue St Johns Road St Sauveur Court Standish Street State Route 16 State Route 2
State Route 2 Alt State Route 28 State Street Stearns Street Stinson Court Story Street
Suffolk Street Summer Street Sumner Road Sunset Road Surrey Street Sycamore Street
Talbot Street Temple Street Tenney Street Terminal Road Theriault Court Thingvalla Avenue
Thorndike Place Thorndike Street Tierney Street Traill Street Traymore Street Tremont Street
Trowbridge Place Trowbridge Street Trowbridge Terrace Tudor Street Tufts Street Tyler Court
Union Place Union Street Union Terrace University Road Upland Road Upton Street
US Highway 3 Vail Court Valentine Place Valentine Street Van Norden Street Vandine Street
Vassal Lane Vassar Street Verdun Street Village Street Vincent Street Vineyard Street
W Bellevue Avenue Wadsworth Street Walbro Street Walden Mews Walden Square Road Walden Street
Walker Court Walker Street Walker Street Place Walker Terrace Walnut Avenue Ware Street
Warren Street Warwick Park Washburn Avenue Washburn Terrace Washington Avenue Washington Court
Washington Street Water Street Waterhouse Street Waterman Road Watson Street Waverly Street
Webster Avenue Wellesley Street Wellington Lane Wendell Street West Place West Street
Westacott Court Western Avenue Westley Avenue Wheeler Street White Street White Street Place
Whitney Avenue Whitney Court Whittemore Avenue Whittier Street Willard Street Willard Street Court
William Street Willow Street Wilson Avenue Wilson Road Windsor Street Winslow Street
Winter Street Winthrop Street Wood Street Woodbridge Street Woodrow Wilson Court Worcester Street
Worthington Street Wright Street Wyman Road Wyman Street Yerxa Road York Place
York Street

Cambridge, MA Zip Codes

02114, 02134, 02138, 02139, 02140, 02141, 02142, 02163, 02238,