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About Malden, MA

Malden is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. At the time of the 2020 U.S. Census, the population was 66,263 people.


Top Sights in Malden, MA

Middlesex Fells Reservation

Boda Borg Boston

Breakheart Reservation

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Fellsmere Park

Mystic River State Reservation

Pine Banks Park

Fellsmere Pond

Commonwealth Avenue

MetroRock Climbing Center

Waitt’s Mountain

Wright’s Tower

Bell Rock Memorial Park

Devir Park

Lynn Woods Reservation

Medford Dog Park

The Park at River’s Edge

Rivergreen Park

Torbert MacDonald State Park

Mount Hood Golf Course

Wright’s Pond

Rumney Marsh Reservation

Upper Mystic Lake

Chelsea Creek

Leverett Circle Connector Bridge

North Bank Bridge

Street Names in Malden, MA

1st Street 2nd Street 3rd Street Acorn Court Acorn Street Adams Street
Albion Street Alcott Park Alden Street Almont Court Almont Street Alpine Street
Anderson Way Andrew Court Andrew Street Appleton Court Appleton Street Arcadia Street
Arch Street Arcola Street Arlington Street Arlington Terrace Ashland Place Ashland Street
Atlantic Avenue Aubrey Terrace Auburn Court Auburn Street Austin Street Autumn Street
Avalon Road Avon Street Bainbridge Street Baincroft Road Baker Street Baldwin Street
Barker Road Barnes Avenue Barrett Lane Barrett Street Barstow Street Bartlett Street
Bayrd Road Bayrd Street Bayrd Terrace Beach Street Beachview Avenue Beachview Place
Beachview Terrace Beacon Street Bell Rock Street Bellvale Street Belmont Street Beltran Street
Beltran Terrace Benner Avenue Bennett Highway Bent Avenue Berry Street Biathrow Street
Bickford Road Birch Lane Bishop Road Blaine Street Blantyre Road Blomerth Street
Blue Hill Avenue Bond Street Boston Street Boulder Street Boundary Road Bow Street
Bowdoin Street Bower Court Bower Street Bowers Avenue Bowman Street Boylston Street
Brackenbury Street Bradford Street Branch Street Brentwood Street Briggs Court Broadway
Brook Street Brown Terrace Bryant Street Bryer Road Burditt Terrace Burridge Place
Butler Court Byron Street Canal Street Cedar Street Centennial Circle Central Avenue
Centre Street Chandler Road Charles Street Charles Street Place Chatham Street Chatham Street Exd
Cheever Road Cherry Street Chester Place Chester Street Chestnut Street Church Street
Circle Road Claflin Terrace Clapp Street Clapp Street Exd Claremont Street Clarendon Street
Clark Street Clayton Street Clement Street Cleveland Street Cliff Court Cliff Street
Cliff Terrace Cliffside Place Cliffside Terrace Clifton Street Clinton Street Clyde Street
Coan Court Coburn Street Coleman Street Columbia Street Commercial Street Como Street
Concord Street Constance Street Converse Avenue Conway Court Cooper Court Copeland Terrace
Corey Road Cottage Place Cottage Street Crawford Street Crescent Avenue Crescent Lane
Crestview Drive Cross Street Crystal Street Cushing Road Dale Street Dana Street
Daniels Street Dartmouth Street Davidson Way Davis Court Davis Street Dell Street
Delta Terrace Dennis Road Desmond Road Devir Street Dexter Street Dianes Vw
Division Street Dodge Street Downey Street Duke Street Durso Avenue Dutton Street
E Border Road Earl Street Eastern Avenue Echo Street Edmund Street Elliott Street
Ellis Court Ellis Street Elm Court Elm Street Elmwood Court Elmwood Park
Elsie Street Elwell Street Emerald Street Emerson Place Emile Circle Erickson Street
Essex Street Estey Street Ethel Court Evelyn Avenue Evelyn Place Everett Street
Exchange Street Fairfield Avenue Fairlawn Street Fairmont Court Fairmont Park Fairmont Place
Fairmont Street Fairmont Terrace Fairview Avenue Fairview Terrace Fall Street Faulkner Street
Fellsmere Road Fellsway Fellsway E Fellsway W Ferguson Road Ferncroft Way
Ferry Street Ferry Street Place Field Street Fielding Street Fleming Road Floral Avenue
Florence Street Folsom Court Forest Avenue Forest Court Forest Street Francis Street
Frank P Bennett Highway Franklin Court Franklin Street Fremont Street Fuller Street Fulton Street
Gale Street Garden Park Garden Street Garden Street Court Garden Terrace Garfield Terrace
Garland Avenue Garnet Street Gellineau Street George Street Gibson Court Gibson Street
Gilbert Court Gilbert Street Girard Road Gleason Street Glen Court Glen Rock Avenue
Glen Rock Circle Glen Rock Road Glen Street Glendale Avenue Glenmere Avenue Glenwood Street
Glenwood Terrace Goldcliff Road Goodhue Street Goodwin Avenue Gordon Street Gould Avenue
Grace Street Granite Street Grant Road Granville Avenue Granville Avenue Exd Granville Place
Grape Street Green Street Greenhalge Street Greenleaf Street Greenwood Court Greenwood Street
Greenwood Terrace Greystone Road Grimshaw Street Grove Street Grover Street Hadley Street
Hall Street Hamlet Place Hancock Road Hancock Street Hanover Street Harding Avenue
Harnden Road Harris Street Hartshorn Avenue Hartshorn Street Harvard Street Havelock Street
Hawthorne Street Hayward Street Hazelwood Street Heath Court Hemenway Avenue Hemenway Court
Henry Street High Rock Road High Street Highland Avenue Highland Court Highland Park
Highland Terrace Hill Street Hills Court Hillside Avenue Hillside Park Hillside Place
Hillside Terrace Holden Street Holloway Street Holm Court Holmes Street Holyoke Street
Home Street Horace Street Hospital Road Howard Street Hubbard Street Hudson Street
Hudson Terrace Hunting Street Huntley Street Huntley Terrace Hurd Street Hurlburt Court
Hyde Street Ingleside Avenue Irving Court Irving Street Island Hill Avenue Ivy Road
Jackson Street Jacob Street James Street Jennifer Lane Jesta Court John Street
Johnson Street Jordan Terrace Joseph Street Joy Terrace Judson Street Julia Street
Kearney Street Kenilworth Street Kenmore Road Kennard Street Kennedy Drive Kernwood Street
Kimball Street Kneeland Street Knoll Street Knollin Street Lake Street Lanark Road
Las Casas Street Laurel Street Lawrence Street Lebanon Street Lebanon Terrace Ledgewood Ests
Ledgewood Terrace Leland Street Leonard Street Leonardo Avenue Lillian Road Lilly Street
Lincoln Street Linden Avenue Linden Place Linehurst Road Linwood Street Lisbon Street
Lodgen Court Lombard Court Loomis Street Lora Street Loring Place Louise Court
Lowell Avenue Lowell Street Lowell Terrace Lyle Street Lyle Terrace Lyme Street
Lynde Street Lynn Street Madison Street Magnolia Street Main Street Main Street Park
Malden Street Malden Street Park Manley Terrace Maple Park Maple Street Maplewood Street
Marion Street Marlboro Street Marshall Avenue Marvin Street Mason Street Maude Street
Maurice Street Mauriello Drive Maynard Street McCormack Street Medford Street Medford Terrace
Meridian Pkwy Meridian Street Middlesex Street Millen Circle Mills Street Milton Street
Mingo Street Monmouth Street Monroe Street Montrose Court Montrose Street Montvale Street
Morris Street Morton Avenue Morton Street Mount Pleasant Avenue Mount Vernon Park Mount Vernon Street
Mount Washington Avenue Mountain Avenue Murray Hill Park Murray Hill Road Murray Street Myrtle Street
N Milton Street Nanapashamet Avenue Naomi Street Narrow Court Neal Street Neilon Park
Nevada Avenue Newbury Street Newburyport Tpke Newhall Street Newland Street Newland Terrace
Newman Road Newton Street Nichols Road Nira Street Noble Street Northern Road
Norwood Place Norwood Street Oak Grove Court Oak Grove Terrace Oak Terrace Oakdale Road
Oakland Road Oakland Street Olive Avenue Olive Avenue Exd Oliver Street Orchard Street
Orient Street Otis Street Overlook Park Overlook Ridge Drive Oxford Street Page Street
Pagum Street Pamela Circle Park Avenue Park Street Park View Terrace Parker Street
Parkside Place Parsonage Road Payne Terrace Pear Court Pearl Street Pearson Terrace
Pebble Place Pelham Street Perkins Avenue Phillips Court Phillips Street Pierce Street
Pine Banks Road Pine Street Pine Tree Avenue Plainfield Avenue Playstead Road Pleasant Street
Pleasant Street Park Plymouth Road Poplar Street Porter Avenue Porter Street Pratt Street
Prentiss Street Prescott Street Presley Street Preston Street Princeton Road Prospect Street
Prospect Terrace Prosper Street Queenwood Terrace Quincy Street Railroad Avenue Ramsdell Road
Rand Street Raymond Street Regent Road Reserve Street Revere Street Rich Street
Richard Street Richardson Street Ricker Court Ridge Hill Avenue Ridgewood Road Ripley Street
Rivers Lane Riverside Park Robert Terrace Roberts Street Robinson Road Rockingham Avenue
Rockland Avenue Rockland Avenue Park Rockland Park Rockland Place Rockwell Street Rockwell Terrace
Rocky Nook Rosemont Street Rudolf Street Rudolph Street Russell Court Russell Park
Russell Street Rutland Street S Washington Street Saint Mary Street Salem Place Salem Street
Sammett Street Sargent Street Savin Street Sawyer Court Sawyer Street Sawyer Street Exd
School Street Seaview Avenue Seery Street Sharon Street Shawmut Street Shawmut Terrace
Sheafe Street Sheridan Street Short Street Shurtleff Street Silver Street Skyline Drive
Sprague Court Sprague Street Spring Street Springdale Street Spruce Street Stadium Road
Stanton Street Starbird Street State Route 60 State Route 99 Stearns Street Sterling Street
Stevens Street Suffolk Street Summer Avenue Summer Street Summit Street Summit Terrace
Swain Pond Avenue Swains Pond Avenue Swan Street Sylvan Street Talbot Street Taylor Street
Temple Street Thacher Street Thomas Street Timothy Lane Townsend Street Traverse Terrace
Trayes Avenue Tremont Street Trueman Drive Tufts Street Tyler Court Tyler Street
Umlah Terrace Upham Street Upham Terrace Upland Road US Highway 1 Valley Street
Vernon Street Victor Street Village Court Vining Street Vista Street W Border Road
W Winter Place Wadsworth Street Waite Court Waite Street Waite Street Exd Waite Street Exn
Waitts Mt Park Wallace Circle Wallace Street Walnut Street Walnut Terrace Warren Avenue
Washington Place Washington Street Watts Street Waverly Street Webber Street Webster Court
Webster Place Webster Street Wedgemere Road Wellington Street Welsh Street Wentworth Court
Wentworth Street Wentworth Terrace Wescott Street Wesmur Road West Street Wheeler Street
Whipple Street Whitman Street Wicklow Street Wigglesworth Street Wilbur Street Wiley Street
Willard Street Williams Street Willow Street Wilson Avenue Winchester Street Winn Terrace
Winnemere Street Winship Street Winter Avenue Winter Street Winthrop Park Winthrop Street
Wolcott Street Wolcott Terrace Woodland Road Woodland Street Woodrow Avenue Woodville Terrace
Wyeth Court Wyeth Street Wyllis Avenue Wyoming Avenue Wyoming Place

Malden, MA Zip Codes

02148, 02180,