Andrei Costa

Andrei Costa, an accomplished Assistant Project Manager at FRS Roofing+Gutters, is known for his unwavering commitment to clients and team members alike. Hailing from the vibrant city of Pelotas in southern Brazil, Andrei’s unique background and strong foundation in management and marketing make him an invaluable addition to the FRS family.

Andrei’s passion for life is fueled by his deep connection to family. He considers his family to be his metaphorical home – a place where he finds comfort, recharges his energies, and discovers his purpose. This strong sense of family values inspires Andrei to cultivate lasting relationships with clients and colleagues, creating a supportive and collaborative work environment at FRS Roofing+Gutters.

A sports enthusiast with an insatiable appetite for life, Andrei’s diverse interests range from soccer and football to basketball and martial arts. His passion for physical activities not only reflects his energetic spirit, but also translates into a strong work ethic and determination to excel in his professional role. When he’s not busy ensuring client satisfaction and project success, Andrei loves to combine his love for music and fitness during his gym sessions, further showcasing his zest for life.

Andrei’s distinctive background, commitment to customer service, and infectious enthusiasm make him a cherished member of the FRS Roofing+Gutters family. His passion for life, coupled with his professional expertise, continues to drive him to create meaningful connections and achieve outstanding results in his work.

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